More Leads Than You Can Handle + Call Center to Contact them

What you had a ton of leads + a call center calling them for you in mass?

What is the secret of TOP MLM or direct marketer? They don't do all the work.

They find quality leads, implement powerful follow up systems, and have others to the call backs and pre-selling (for only $1 to $3 each appointment). All a true marketer does is close and give training.

Are you not getting the results you want?


Another thing one can do is get a explosive marketing system to repay it's own cost back quickly. In other words, as people on ther sales team implement and use the same marketing services, they can refer their own leads and team members. Then THEY get commission back to pay for their own marketing system many times over. This is true SELF FUNDED marketing.

Not only can myphoneroom produce 10 times the sales you can on your own, but the very cost to get their Leads and Phone marketing done-for-you is actually MAKING you money as well. The net cost is therefore zero (after the intial set up fees are repaid). Now the PRO marketer can massively leverage their time and skill, to explode their sales teams at the same time. That is true zero cost marking that explodes a business to the next level faster. How soon do YOU want real results?

These systems work well together.

My Phone Room

Free Unlimited Leads and Marketing System

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